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Vegan Blueberry and Lemon Hot Cross Buns

A traditional Easter favourite with a twist! These vegan blueberry and lemon hot cross buns are delicious served warm with a generous dollop of jam or butter.
Keyword: easter, hot cross bun, vegan
Servings: 6 buns


  • 140 ml oat milk
  • 40 g vegan margarine
  • 30 g sugar
  • 1 tsp dried yeast
  • 250 g plain flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/4 tsp ground ginger
  • 1 lemon, zest only
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries

For decoration

  • 40 g plain flour
  • 3-4 tbsp water

For glazing

  • 3 tsp maple syrup or apricot jam


  • Place the milk and butter in a small saucepan and heat gently over low heat until all the butter has melted.
  • Take the mixture off the heat. The mixture should be lukewarm. Add the sugar and yeast and stir well to avoid any lumps from forming. Leave to stand for 5 minutes.
  • In a separate bowl, add the flour, lemon zest, salt and spices. Stir, then pour in the milk mixture. Using a wooden spoon, stir to form a dough. Knead for around 10 minutes.
  • Place the dough in a lightly floured bowl and cover with cling film. Leave in a warm spot for 2 hours or until doubled in size.
  • Once doubled in size, take the dough out onto a lightly floured surface, knock the air out of the dough and gently knead in the frozen blueberries.
  • Shape the dough into six buns, then place them onto a baking tray lined with baking parchment and prove once again for around 40 minutes or until well risen.
  • Preheat the oven to 220 C | Gas Mark 7.
  • In a small mug or bowl, mix the plain flour with water to make a smooth, thick paste. Transfer the mixture into a freezer or a piping bag, snip off the corner and pipe crosses on top of each bun.
  • Bake in the middle of the oven for around 25 mins or until golden.
  • Brush with maple syrup or apricot jam while still warm.